Dinosaurs of the Lost Valley via Kickstarter

Dinosaurs of the Lost Valley, Jeff Dee und Talzhemir Mrr finanzieren das Artwork und ihren Quellenband Dinosaurs of the Lost Valley für das Cavemaster – the Stone Age RPG von UNIgames über Kickstarter. Der Titel verrät, worum es geht: Dinosaurier!

„Exquisite dinosaur artwork by Jeff Dee and Talzhemir, and a dinosaur sourcebook for Cavemaster(tm) – the Stone Age RPG!
The canyon is a mysterious place, lush and green. Unfamiliar sounds reach you through the mists. Looking about, there are plants you only recognize because you have seen fossils. Suddenly, an impossibly large creature steps out from the palms and cycads. The hairs on your forearms and nape prickle.

It towers over you, three times your height.  Its weight is measured in tons, not pounds.  It welcomes you to the Lost Valley with a rumbling roar that you feel from your collarbones to the soles of your feet.“
Dinosaurs of the Lost Valley product description

Dinosaurs of the Lost Valley-Kickstarter

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