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Da Clash! (Ammon Miniatures)

Da Clash! (Ammon Miniatures)

Da Clash! Ammon Miniatures nähert sich dem albernen Wrestling-Thema in angemessener Form, also nicht ganz ernst.

Sie bieten ihr sympathisch präsentiertes (Miniaturen-)Brettspiel über Indiegogo an. Bis zum 17. Mai 2013 der französische Hersteller 5000 €.

Da Clash! gibt es ohne (30 €) und mit Miniaturen (50  €). Porto ist bereits dabei und die „puppenfreie“ Version verfügt über Pappaufsteller.

Da Clash! (Ammon Miniatures)

Da Clash! (Ammon Miniatures)

“Faster than a tequila shot, make your foe bite the dust in Da Clash! The weird wrestling boardgame for 2 players from 12 to the grave!


Da Project!


Da Clash! is a boardgame with miniatures for 2 players created and developed by Ammon Miniatures. Fun, fast and addictive, a game lasts for about 20 minutes.


Unique in its kind and innovative, it is a perfect crossover between a miniatures game and a board game. Da Clash! is intended for both pure gamers and miniatures lovers.


Inspired by the Mexican Lucha Libre, Z movies and weird comics, Da Clash! will make you experience the brawl of your life!


Beta-tested since 2011, the game met a big success in the gaming clubs and that’s why we are sure you will love it too!


Ammon Miniatures


For years now, Ammon Miniatures is known for the originality and cartoony style of the miniatures, the attention to detail and high quality castings in resin.

We can count on years of experience in the miniatures industry and on skillful collaborators with technical and artistic expertise (Valentin Zak, Allan Carrasco…).

You can find more info on our products on our website: or our Facebook page:


Da Game !


The box contains everything you need to play. The others miniatures will allow you to play with new profiles and test new crazy combinations (all the existing Ammon miniatures already have a Da Clash! profile ready to be played) and miniatures lovers will just prefer to play with miniatures instead of the cardboard silhouettes included in the box.

Each gamer plays with 2 fighters, on a wrestling ring divided in 9 zones.

Da Clash! is fast and fun, but you’ll need reflection and tactics if you want to make your opponents bite the dust.


Stretch, warm up, roll the dices…and no, unlike the others games, a 1 or a 2 are not weaker than a 5 or a 6.


Every dice is precious and can be used in different ways:

-you can activate your fighters and determine their initiative,
-launch Special or Bonus Attacks,
-create combinations to earn Zen or Rage tokens…well, if you win the bet.
-or fill your Superpowa gauge a bit more…


On the other hand, the two sources of power of a fighter: the Zen and the Rage tokens can be stocked and will allow you to make your fighters faster, more resistant or aggressive…And if you have enough of them, you’ll even be able to launch your fighter’s Superpowa to inflict him a 3-Hits Combo!


But stay watchful even if you have almost reduced his Tonus Points to zero, you could be punched in the back… everything’s allowed in Da Clash!“
Da Clash! product description

(via Chris N.)

Images: Ammon Miniatures

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