Cthulhu Wars by Sandy Petersen via Kickstarter

Cthulhu Wars. Sandy Petersen setzt nach dem Crowdfunding-Flop Cthulhu World Combat, aber dieses Mal richtig. Ein strategisches Cthulhu-Horror-Brettspiel mit Miniaturen im 28 mm Maßstab – also auch was für Call of Cthulhu-Rollenspieler und die Bilder der Püppies sind Hammer!

Das wird sicherlich ein Zombicide-Killer, bei den Großen Alten!

Cthulhu Wars: Rules download (Sandy Petersen)

Cthulhu Wars: Rules download (Sandy Petersen)

„“Cthulhu Still Lives …”   H. P. Lovecraft

Now, the designer of the original Call of Cthulhu role playing game, Sandy Petersen, brings a colossal new chapter to the Cthulhu Mythos.


The marketplace today has many boardgames featuring the Cthulhu Mythos. In these games you strive to avert the impending catastrophe. But in Cthulhu Wars you ARE the catastrophe! The Great Old Ones have returned to claim the ruins of Earth, and you are one of them!

Like the Cthulhu Mythos, strategy gaming has survived the test of time. From Risk to Twilight Imperium, we have enjoyed these games. The concept behind Cthulhu Wars is to apply the principles of strategy gaming to the Cthulhu Mythos. In terms of gameplay, Cthulhu Wars probably resembles the Fantasy Flight product Chaos in the Old World as much as any single other game, but, ultimately Cthulhu Wars is its own beast.


Cthulhu Wars is a competitive strategy game in which 3 to 5 players produce cultists and monsters, build mystic gates, and awaken Great Old Ones. The players earn spellbooks, try to destroy their enemies, and capture their bases. Each faction has its own unique set of monsters, spells, and its own Great Old One(s).


To get an in-depth look at the game, click on the banner below to download the PDF of Cthulhu Wars‘ rules.“
Cthulhu Wars product description

Cthulhu Wars: Rules download (Sandy Petersen)

Cthulhu Wars: Rules download (Sandy Petersen)

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