CORPS 3rd Edition Roleplaying Game via Kickstarter

CORPS 3rd Edition Roleplaying Game, Ian Liddle möchte mithilfe von Kickstarter eine neue Ausgabe des eher unbekannten Multigenre-Rollenspiels aus den 90ern veröffentlichen. Bis zum 12. April 2013 strebt dieses Projekt 5000 £ an.

„Welcome to the Kickstarter for CORPS 3rd Edition. You may not have heard of CORPS much less its third iteration, so here’s a primer.

The name stands for Complete Omniversal Role Playing System, that’s right its a multi-setting genre spanning behemoth of a game. Originally made by BTRC (thats the Blacksburg Tactical Research Centre for those who don’t know).

The original version of the game was a modern day conspiracy setting, the second edition was expanded and revised to cover a multitude of settings and genres, it also had a nifty rules expansion written by yours truly.

This third edition revises a few rules, adds some new ones, sports a new damage resolution mechanic and expands on areas which the previous editions did not. At present it stands around 300 pages, this will change as time goes on, and will increase rather than decrease. The rules themselves are mostly written, the purpose of this Kickstarter is to raise money to cover the cost of the artwork. As an added advantage backers have the opportunity to playtest the new rules, make suggestions and even pick up a physical copy.“
CORPS 3rd Edition Roleplaying Game product description

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