Apotheosis Drive X: A Fate-Powered Mecha RPG via Kickstarter

Apotheosis Drive X: A Fate-Powered Mecha RPG. David A Hill Jr bzw. Machine Age Production passen die Regeln des Rollenspiels Fate Core für das Mecha-Genre an und bringen ihre Deutung von Mobile Suit Gundam, Xenogears und Neon Genesis Evangelion über Kickstarter an die geneigte Frau oder Mann.

„In 2400 AD, World War 5 looms. Giant robots turn the tides of combat. When do the machines stop serving us, and when do we serve them?


Apotheosis Drive X ( #ADX ) is a Fate-based mecha RPG. It’s a high drama, high action game with a philosophical and humanist bent. It draws inspiration from various mecha fiction. Mobile Suit Gundam (Gundam 00 in particular) is a chief inspiration. Thematically, we have similarities to Xenogears and Evangelion.


ADX takes place around 2400 AD. Humanity has moved on to place colonies on the moon, Mars, and throughout asteroids and space stations. The shift to sustainable energy caused economic collapses in former energy-producing states. Earth went to war.

One faction, a private army of clones, fought for the highest bidder until the whole of Earth turned against it.

Another faction, an elite force of genegineered super soldiers, helped to fight them back.

After the war against the clone army, Earth’s major powers banded together to create a single world government, with the intention of preventing further war. Another faction, a resistance movement of smaller governments and collectives, believed that a single government couldn’t hope to represent all people from all walks of life.

Near simultaneously, all four of these factions developed robots, Titans, to fight their battles. When humanity introduced the Titans, technology grew out of control. We reached a singularity. Unfortunately, this growth tended toward greater machines of war. Eventually, our fate fell out of our hands, and into the hands of these godlike machines.

You can find a full setting primer here.



#ADX is powered by Fate Core. We’ve hacked, optimized, tightened, and tweaked Fate to fit our genre. If you’re familiar with Fate, it should be a very quick transition. If you’re not, we’ve compacted our rules and simplified them wherever possible. Most of our rules favor starting quickly.

We use a system of „generations“ to reflect the scope and scale of the campaign. These generations represent vast technological advances that come quicker and quicker each time. As you play through Apotheosis Drive stories, the Titans become stronger by great magnitudes, until they’re able to wipe out hundreds of enemies with a single impulse. The default game assumes you’ll play through at least a few generations to tell an arc.

Most of our rules tweaks were designed to help our focus on epic mecha battles. This is not Fate: The Tactical Wargame. This is a game about high-tech, dynamic war machines piloted by the best talent in the universe. It’s all about scale and escalation. If you have seven minutes, we have a video demonstrating how Titans (our unique mecha) take out massive swaths of infantry mechs in seconds.“
– Apotheosis Drive X: A Fate-Powered Mecha RPG product description

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