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All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out (Two Hour Wargames)

All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out (Two Hour Wargames)

Two Hour Wargames. Für das preisgekrönte Zombie-Miniaturen Tabletop All Things Zombie (2006) oder besser die letztjährige Final Fade Out Edition sind neue Miniaturen im 15 mm und im 28 mm geplant. Rod Campbell von Highlander wird die Miniaturen gestalten.

Überdies beinhaltet die Indiegogo-Kampagne das City Deck und Zombie Deck, die weitere Spieldetails über urbane Umgebungen und ihre „Anwohner“ bereithalten.

Bis zum 14. Juni 2013 sammelt das Crowdfunding-Projekt vermutlich die angestrebten 5000 $.

„Two Hour Wargames creates entertaining games playable in two hours or less. None has been more popular than All Things Zombie, the Origins Award winning Miniatures Game of 2006.


With the great reception for Final Fade Out, the final edition of ATZ, currently in use and released last year, we’re ready to offer the complete zombie experience, starting with a line of 15mm figures. Already play in 28mm? No worries, checkout the $40 Perk!


Sculpted by Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios, the range will include a variety of humans; Survivors, Police, Gang Members, Civilians and more. The range covers all the character types found in ATZ. In addition we will have a zombie counterpart for each human, for those times when things don’t go quite as planned!


Added to this are two decks of cards. The first is a City Deck. The City Deck provides a complete urban area to adventure in. Lay out fewer cards and you have a suburban area to play in. Lay out even less cards and you have a rural area. One deck covers all three locales used in ATZ.


Each card contains the layout of a building and all the necessary info about that building. What’s in that building is unknown until you flip the card. The City Deck eliminates the need for any terrain and can be set up for play in a matter of minutes. Each deck has 54 buildings and when laid out will offer a different game each time you play.


The second deck is called the Zombie Deck. Each card is packed with information telling you what you have met in each building, what they are, how many zombies, and even what you have found should you survive. The deck gives you all the info for the three areas found in All Things Zombie, rural, suburbs and the ever dangerous urban areas.


By using both decks you can create a different environment to explore where every game is unique and no two games are exactly alike. Using the decks brings the information you’ll need to your fingertips, reducing the need to refer to the rules.
What do you get?


We need to reach our goal to get these miniatures and decks into production. In return you get a complete game from figures to terrain and rules. Why those five minis?

Becasue we are including a special scenario where all five band together when the outbreak occurs.


And we haven’t even mentioned High Rise to Hell, the new ATZ supplement available only through this project. So what is High Rise to Hell?


There has to be a Cure or so you’ve heard. It starts with the Prosperity Corporation but if it’s true it will be tough to get. There’s a High Rise in the center of the city, the home office of Pro Crop and that’s the best place to look. It’s abandoned now, so is much of the city, but with a little luck maybe you can find the Cure. Maybe not, but if the rumors were true you may find other things in there that can help you. It’s worth a try, so what are you waiting for?

Already have All Things Zombie? You don’t have to buy it again. Don’t have the rules? Get them now, it’s whatever you need.“
All Things Zombie – Final Fade Out Minis & Moreproduct description

Ich kenne lediglich das gleichnamige Brettspiel (2010), aber trotz einiger Regelschwächen unterhielt es uns hervorragend. Gut möglich, dass der Zombie-Bewegungsmechanismus Zombicide ein wenig inspirierte.

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