The Skies Over Danbury – Dungeon World Adventures via Kickstarter

The Skies Over Danbury – Dungeon World Adventures, die über Kickstarter angebotene Abenteuersammlung von At the Table Games mit 3 Szenarien für das Rollenspiel Dungeon World setzt die Geschehnisse aus dem ersten Teil Within the Devil’s Reach im Gears of the Worm God-Zyklus fort, bleibt dabei aber unabhängig einzeln spielbar.

Three Dungeon World adventures continuing the Gears of the Worm God Cycle where Within the Devil’s Reach ended.

The Skies Over Danbury is a set of three adventures for Dungeon World. These adventures follow the events of Within the Devil’s Reach but can be played separately You and your party are tracking down your mentor’s old adventuring party in the hopes that they might be able to help keep the dark god Kryos from rising again. You must brave pirate islands, flying ships, holy wars, undead elves, and courtly intrigue to find Alastor’s old friends.

What are you and your band of friends going to do? Find out in, The Skies Over Danbury, the second in a series of adventure books that will take players across a wide fantasy world and pit them against pirates, dragons, mechanized undead and a god of pure reason and evil. The full adventure set, Gears of the Worm God, kicks off with a bang and ends in blood.
The Skies Over Danbury – Dungeon World Adventures product description

The Skies Over Danbury – Dungeon World Adventures-Kickstarter
Within the Devil’s Reach-Produktseite von At the Table Games

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