The Punisher Fan Animation Movie: Do Not Fall In New York City

Biggun Dreams, ein Fan animiert im Beinahealleingang die gleichnamige Story The Punisher: Do Not Fall In New York City (Marvel Comics) aus der Feder der etablierten Branchengrößen Garth Ennis (Autor, Preacher u.a.) und Steve Dillon (Zeichner, Preacher u.a.). Der Non-Profit Zeichentrickkurzfilm kann sich meines Erachtens sehen lassen. Die Umsetzungen der großen Studios verblassen dagegen ein wenig. Respekt!

DO NOT FALL IN NEW YORK CITY (the animated film)

Thanks and Making of a Punisher movie without money.
Hi, I’m LuisPi (


You may remember me from such animated children films as „Coronation“ ( or „Esuki, The Little Yaqui“. (


But tonight I want to show you an adult work: „Do Not Fall In New York City“. is an independent animated film, adapting popular comic-book written and illustrated by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Starred by Marvel´s The Punisher.


This work is a non-profit film, made by a fan of the Marvel universe from the deepest respect and admiration.


The sound was designed by Marcos Cabal ( and the music was composed by El Gordo del Funk.


The rest of the production (including all the animation) was realized by me:


Luis Pelayo Junquera using the next tools: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Flash CS4. Wacom Intuos 4. Autodesk Maya 2009. Windows


More information on:

Simplicity and Pain article (Biggun Dreams)
DO NOT FALL IN NEW YORK CITY (the animated film)
Biggun Dreams-Homepage

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