„RATS! Still living in a human-infested home?“ Neues satirisches Rollenspiel via Indiegogo

A rat playing piano ...

A rat playing piano …

„RATS!“, ein neues satirisches Rollenspiel, bei dem mutierte, intelligente Ratten versuchen, die von den Menschen ausgebeutete Erde zurückzuerobern. Dieses aussichtsreiche Projekt wird durch Crowdfunding, allerdings in diesem Fall über Indiegogo finanziert.

Run away, little human! The rats just woke up from the long sleep of ignorance, and they want their world back.

You see, as it turns out, God’s chosen people are actually us rats, not you. However, envious of our chosenness, you stole our wisdom and reduced us to witless animals unaware of our rich history, culture and religion. We’ve been like that for thousands of years. All this while, humanity has been in the divine spotlight, convincing itself that it was the chosen species.


"RATS!"-Flyer: "Still living in a human-infested home?"

„RATS!“-Flyer: „Still living in a human-infested home?“

Not anymore.


Several years ago, the great rat prophet Ee-Ee stumbled upon an ancient rat scroll in the Judean Desert and his eyes were opened to the truth. He dedicated the rest of his life to traveling across the globe and awakening the rest of his benighted brothers. Wherever he preached, a different culture arose – the Middle Eastern Holy Rat College, the Central European Unirat Collective, the North American Capirat Corporation, the East Asian Nezumi… Thirteen fierce cultures to challenge humanity’s false dominance of the Earth and restore ratkind to its former glory.

An RPG about mutant rats trying to take over the world humanity has stolen from them.

RATS! is a satiric role playing game chronicling the rats’ awakening and subsequent holy war against modern humanity, other animals, each other and numerous inanimate objects as well. Players take on the role of intelligent rats who participate in various insanely dangerous, or just plain insane, missions to further the rodent cause.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our world holds more mysteries and horrors than any man, or even rat, can imagine (without reading the book).
„RATS!“ product description (excerpts)

Erinnert ein wenig an George Orwells „Animal Farm“ mit einem sympathischen Twist. Also mal im Auge behalten. (Danke Chris N. für Deinen Hinweis)

„RATS!“ Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

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„RATS!“-Flyer wird auf der Indiegogo-Kampagnenseite frei gegeben

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