Nights of the Crusades RPG: Kostenloser Download und Bundle

Nights of the Crusades RPG, ein historisch-fantastisches Rollenspiel von Aetheric Dreams, vermengt nach eigenen Aussagen die märchenhaften Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht, die Historie der Kreuzzüge mit Horrorelementen. Der Verlag bietet gegenwärtig über drivethruRPG zwei Angebote an.

Das Regelwerk mit dem Hintergrund von Nights of the Crusades RPG steht dort kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Ferner gibt es für 9,- $ ein  Nights of the Crusades Holiday Chest [Bundle] mit dem Grundspiel, dem Abenteuer The Tower by the Sea und 100 Travel Encounters – Tales for Dark Roads.

„Nights of the Crusades is a roleplaying game set in a land and time that is familiar on the surface, but within its cracks lie tales of alchemy, madness and violence. It is a world that could have happened and then been lost to barbarity and time. Players take on characters that can explore its lands and plunder them for wealth, glory or knowledge. The Tale-Weaver is their guide, plunging them into the horrors of war and fanaticism as they pursue their goals. The world is rife with dark cults, creatures that dwell in unseen places and bloodthirsty warriors. This is a time when anyone’s thoughts, from king to slave, are enough to condemn them to death and hell, and many are they that will line up to cheer the execution.


The setting of Nights of the Crusades is a mixture of the One Thousand and One Nights, the history surrounding the Crusades and both modern and ancient tales of terror. The rules reflect mature and gritty issues, including the psychological impacts of combat and killing. The gameplay also allows for tension in every form of conflict, whether verbal or physical, and wraps the rules of the ‘Real World’ around ‘Story’ interludes. The game offers more options as the characters advance and a group of companions made up of an artist, diplomat and physician will be as enjoyable to play as one made up of a warrior, archer and thief.“
Nights of the Crusades RPG product description

Ich kann nicht sagen, welche Qualität das Material hat, aber die Idee und das Konzept klingt sehr spannend.

Nights of the Crusades RPG-Produktseite von Aetheric Dreams
Nights of the Crusades RPG via drivethruRPG
Nights of the Crusades Holiday Chest [Bundle] via drivethruRPG

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