Beyond the Gates of Antares von Rick Priestley via Kickstarter

Dark Space Corp kündigen mit Beyond the Gates of Antares, ein neues Tabletop von Rick Priestley, dem Erfinder des Universum von Games Workshops Warhammer 40.000, an. Ab dem 1. Januar 2013 soll das Spiel über eine Kickstarter-Kampagne in den Markt eingeführt werden. Der Herausgeber Dark Space Corp wirbt auf seiner Webseite großspurig mit dem ersten „real-time dynamic gaming universe“.

„GoA is the world’s first real-time dynamic gaming universe – a mighty statement! (and a bit of a mouthful…)


Let us explain:

As you play the game and feed us the results of your battles (through our website or smartphone App), those results then change how we create, what we write, who we write about, what happens next and ultimately which of the rival species and factions receive rewards. Those rewards come in lots of shapes, including (but not limited to): New developments in weaponry and other armaments, access to ancient alien secret technologies providing local game bonuses, enhanced technology add-ons for vehicles and other equipment that boost your force’s performance, and the opportunity for your factions to be the first to open up new areas of Antarean space.“

Beyond the Gates of Antares product description

Beyond the Gates of Antares
Beyond the Gates of Antares-Ankündigung

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