Wreck Age: Neues Dark Future-Rollenspiel und Skirmish Tabletop bei Kickstarter

Hyacinth Games, ein bislang unbekannter und vermutlich neuer Verlag, bietet das neue Dark Future-Rollenspiel und Skirmish Tabletop Wreck Age: A far-future dystopian post-exodus adventure! über die Crowdfunding-Plattform Kickstarter an. Es soll voraussichtlich im Juli 2012 erscheinen. Passende Miniaturen befinden sich gleichfalls in Vorbereitung.

No Ghost Konzeptbild - Wreck Age: A far-future dystopian post-exodus adventure

No Ghost Konzeptbild - Wreck Age: A far-future dystopian post-exodus adventure

Wreck Age is an open-ended Role Playing Game and Tabletop skirmish game set on 25th century Earth. …
Imagine for a moment: A Sci-fi world based on the premise that the rich and powerful have abandoned earth. 150 years ago, a mass Exodus of Seed Ships left a polluted and war-ravenged Earth to seek out distant habitable planets. The billions left behind were forced to fend for themselves, fighting internal as well as external forces. Now, there are only a relative handful left. The population levels of Earth mimic that of the Stone Age, and in some cases, so do the inhabitants. Technology is scarce, and true knowledge is even more-so. History is passed down by word-of mouth, or gleaned from found data sources. A sci-fi world akin to Mad Max meets Blade Runner meets The Road.

Die Autoren weisen verschiedene Bücher, Comics und Filme als Inspirationen aus.

Inspired in part by; Tank Girl, Omega Man, 12 Monkeys, Book of Eli, Escape from New York, Dune by Frank Herbert, The Suns of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers, A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, the Stand by Steven King, The Native Tongue trilogy by Suzette Haden Elgin, The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, The World Without Us by Alan Weisman, and the Book of Dave by Will Self.

Staker Faction Konzeptbild - Wreck Age: A far-future dystopian post-exodus adventure

Staker Faction Konzeptbild - Wreck Age: A far-future dystopian post-exodus adventure

Nach Aussage der Autoren unterscheidet sich das Skirmish Tabletop und das ensprechende Rollenspiel lediglich über den Fokus des Spiels. Das Rollenspiel geht eher in Richtung Storytelling, Erzählen während das Tabletop naheliegenderweise auf Tatik und Strategie ausgerichtet ist.

We’ve also spent countless hours creating a simple yet detailed gaming system, based off of years of experience playing tabletop war-games in both a casual and tournament setting. This system will integrate seamlessly with the RPG, so there will be no learning curve to switch between the two. In effect they are the same game, with slightly different objectives; one, more focused on storytelling, the other more focused on scenarios and tactics, and strategy.

Auf der Homepage des Verlags finden sich weitere Informationen zum Spiel.

The RPG and tabletop game are going to have the rules seamlessly integrate. The only main difference is that there are going to be more skills and abilities in the RPG.
Here’s the (very) basic rundown:
Characteristics are rated from 1 to 6.
There are 7 characteristics, these make up the general nature of each model/character:
Action Points (AP) indicate the amount of actions that a character can take each turn. The more AP, the more things a character can do and react to before it all re-sets and goes into the next turn. Every action (shooting, moving, negotiating, scavaging, etc) takes AP, most only take 1, some take multiple, or even all (such as clearing a jammed weapon). You choose what your actions are going to be before the start of each turn, but you can withhold some AP to react to circumstances.
Movement (M) indicates how fast a character moves. The movement characteristic is added to a random die roll and this is how far the character can move in inches. I realize that the random movement is something that some people will take issue with, but that’s why you can in essence “bid” enough AP to get where they want to be, but if you spend too few AP, you’re going to be taking the risk of not getting there.
Fighting (F) is how well a character is at close-quarters brawling/combat, both armed and un-armed.
Shooting (S) is how well a character handles a firearm.
Power (P) is how hard a character dish it out, and how well they can take it. When a character is hit by an attack, they counter with a Power check (made by rolling dice against this characteristic). Each success the character makes against their Power characteristic will negate one of the opponents successes. As you can see, having a high power can come in handy… however, it doesn’t make someone invincible, as there are many weapons in the game that can do more than 6 dice of damage in a turn (meaning that you’re going to be in serious trouble).
Nerves (N) indicate how well you keep your confidence in a bad situation… be it a firefight, or facing the watchful eyes of a Warlord’s entourage when entering their domain… Having a high nerves characteristic will allow a character to fight off the effects of suppression (which happens in stressful situations like combat, although it can happen in other cases as well).
Wits (W) are a combination of charisma, intelligence, street smarts, and mental stability. Wits are an indication of how well a character can talk their way out of a sticky situation, and how well they’re able to barter.
Everything is based off of these characteristics. If you want to do something, you have to have Action Points available, and you spend those action points (which replenish every turn) to use the characteristics to act, be it shooting, running, trading, or searching an ancient crash site for pieces of old world technology.

Eine gewisse Nähe zu den thematisch ähnlichen Skirmish Tabletops wie Eden von Tanban, Necromunda von Games Workshop oder dem schwer erhältlichen Rollenspiel Empire of Dust läßt sich nicht leugnen.
Die Kombination oder besser die hohe Integration eines Skirmish Tabletops mit einem Rollenspiel erscheint überaus spannend – so interessant, daß das Spiel zumindest einen weiteren Backer gewinnen konnte! Über die Kickstarter-Seite des Spiels kann jeder das Projekt unterstützen.
In Zukunft soll das Spielmaterial über Creative Commons zu Verfügung gestellt werden. Die Leute hinter dem Spiel waren sehr hilfsbereit. Sie gaben Bilder und Texte auf Anfrage umgehend frei. (via Chris N.. Danke)

Homepage des Spiels Wreck Age

Eden von Tanban
Necromunda von Games Workshop
Empire of Dust bei RPG GEEK (keine Homepage verfügbar)

Bildnachweis: Freigabe durch den Verlag via Kickstarter am 31.10.2011.

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